How to add precious metals to your retirement account ?

You will like to spend your retirement days with the piece of mind. The value of precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, diamond and palladium is increasing day-by-day at fast rates. Income from fixed investments is yielding less interest because of inflation, so financial advisors always guide to add physically precious metals to your retirement account like Individual Retirement Account, IRA or 401 K or any other. IRA offers tax-free or tax-deferred saving facility. It can be opened with a minimum amount of $5000 with subsequent purchases not less than $1000.


The process to add metals to the retirement account is very simple. Those employers, who have 401 K plan without investment basket for precious materials, must advise their employees that they must contact a company like Regal Assets for swift 401K/IRA rollover. In this way, you will be able to control your account. Human resources representatives may be of great help in the rollover to self-directing account that gives you flexibility to invest in stocks, precious metals, bonds, and other investments. Existing IRA accounts can be rolled over to precious metal IRA. An IRS approved custodian manages physically all precious metals included in the prescribed list, holds, updates and makes available earnings. You may get them in the form of bullion or can also convert them into cash.


In case the employer does not cooperate with you, you can start a side business if permitted by your employer. A business owner can have more than one IRA account and also have more levity in depositing investments into IRA account. A legitimate business needs profit motive, and it is not meant for the just hobby. It also requires fulfilling legal obligations of State taxation.


Next step is to choose the depository for precious metals and to hand over precious materials to them. This step is must avoid taxation at an early stage. Though depository charges certain fees for it reducing profit margins, yet it is desirable to seal best deal that protects your investments.


It is also very important to know which precious metals are eligible to be included in IRA. Gold standards for inclusion in IRA are minimum 24 karat along with certification from NYMEX or COMEX for approved refiner hallmark. The silver standard is 0.999+ grade fineness. Similarly, minimum standards for other precious metals have also been laid down. Always use only trusted precious metal dealers who have a direct license from the government. Contact a reliable and trusted appraiser in your vicinity for adding valuable metals to your IRA account.


Make your purchases for adding precious metals to a retirement account. Be cautious because according to financial experts, coming years will see the volatile economy, helping a lot to a portfolio with precious metals. In the starting of a process, get delivered precious metals to selected depository to avoid payment of taxes on distribution till the need of investment. With this background and advice from the expert, go on repeating the process to add much more to your IRA.

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